Excellent new features

Don't underestimate the programme of feature films at Fantoche 2010. First of all, there are lots of exciting new features for you to marvel at. On the other hand, we couldn't pass up the chance to show a selection of fairytale films. And since the Fantoche public wants to know that little bit more, this year we will once again be inviting a few film-makers to come along and give us an insight into how they produce their feature films in our “Making-of” slots.

Film Programme: Fairytale Feature Films
Making-of: “Fantastic Mr. Fox”
Making-of: “Elemi”

Special Screening in 3D: Despicable Me / 95'  

/ ages 8 and up

Special Screening in 3D: Despicable Me / 95'

Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

US 2010 | Ed/f | 3D

Su: German

Witty and cool, with spectacular 3D effects – a masterpiece comedy by the producer of “Ice Age” and “Ice Age 2”. Gru is a super-villain with a Big Plan: to kidnap the moon! Down in his secret subterranean fort, Gru forges the crowning glory of his career with his bustling dwarf helpers. But not only the dashing young jack-of-all-trades Vector gets in his way – three little orphan girls looking for the ideal dad muddle up Gru’s world good and proper.

Cinema Trafo 2:

Tu 20.45 h Tickets

Su 17.15 h Tickets

The Illusionist / 80'  

Cinema Trafo 5: Th 20:45h, Cinema Trafo 1: Sa 22:45h, Su 15:30h / ages 8 and up

 The Illusionist / 80'

Sylvain Chomet

GB/FR 2010 | F/d

Sylvain Chomet has made his new film about an antihero who has autistic tendencies. The film is based on an unfilmed screenplay by Jacques Tati. Monsieur Tatischeff, a magician from Paris, moves to Britain due to a lack of work and has lots of adventures there. Peppered with elements typical of Tati such as the almost total lack of dialogue, awkward slapstick and subtle humour, the visually brilliant “The Illusionist” is an extremely convincing production.

Cinema Trafo 5 Thursday, September 09, 2010 20:45h Yikes – sold out already!
Cinema Trafo 1 Saturday, September 11, 2010 22:45h Yikes – sold out already!
Cinema Trafo 1 Sunday, September 12, 2010 15:30h

Fantastic Mr. Fox / 87'  

Cinema Trafo 1: Tu 19:00h, Fr 22:45h, Su 13:30h / ages 6 and up

Fantastic Mr. Fox / 87'

Wes Anderson

US/GB 2009 | E/d

Su: German

After a number of years of harmonious family life, Foxy secretly starts to go hunting again. At night he sneaks into different stables and cellars and in doing so puts the entire animal community in great danger. The lovingly created felt figures were brought to life using classic stop motion techniques, with which Wes Anderson has succeeded in creating a very special feast for the eyes with his first animated film. Two experts from his team enable us to take a glance behind the scenes of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” in a “Making-of” session.

Cinema Trafo 1 Friday, September 10, 2010 22:45h
Cinema Trafo 1 Sunday, September 12, 2010 13:30h Quick – grab the last tickets!

Metropia / 80'  

Cinema Trafo 5: We 22:45h, Fr 20:45h, Su 17:15h / ages 16 and up

Metropia / 80'

Tarik Saleh

SE 2009 | E

Since Roger’s bike was destroyed, the call centre worker from Stockholm has had to use the detested metro. Suddenly he’s not alone anymore and his personal thriller begins. A strange voice, which knows his most secret fears and desires, has moved into his head. “Metropia”, which was presented in 2009 in the “Coming Soon” section, is both science fiction and a portrait of our society. The film is visually unique. It’s an audacious blend of the beautiful and the sinister, the artificial and the intimate, the lively and the subdued.

Cinema Trafo 5 Wednesday, September 08, 2010 22:45h Quick – grab the last tickets!
Cinema Trafo 5 Friday, September 10, 2010 20:45h Yikes – sold out already!
Cinema Trafo 5 Sunday, September 12, 2010 17:15h Yikes – sold out already!

Elemi / 45'  

Cinema Orient: Th 20:45h, Cinema Trafo 4: Sa 12:00h / ages 8 and up

Elemi / 45'
Hideto Nakata
JP 2009 | Jap/e

In “Elemi” Hideto Nakata tells the story of an unusual love affair between a young telephone mast and the mechanic, Takahasi, who repairs her. The handmade puppets, which act in an extremely accurate and detailed setting and which, as a result of careful animation, are just like people, stand in contrast to the wonderful and comical film in terms of the style in which they have been produced. You can find out more about the film and its producer, who made the entire film alone over a period of eight years, in the “Making-of” about “Elemi”!

Cinema Orient Thursday, September 09, 2010 20:45h Yikes – sold out already!
Cinema Trafo 4 Saturday, September 11, 2010 12:00h Yikes – sold out already!

Kérity, La Maison des Contes / 80'  

Cinema Trafo 4: We 12:00h, Fr 18:30h, Cinema Trafo 5: Su 15:30h / ages 6 and up

Kérity, La Maison des Contes / 80'

Dominique Monféry

FR/IT 2009 | F/d

Sensibly, or perhaps absurdly, Nathanaël, who cannot read very well, inherits an entire library. He doesn’t know what to do with all the books until he meets Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots and Alice in Wonderland in the flesh, on an expedition through the bookshelves. The most important mission in the boy’s life, for which he has to overcome his own fears in a battle against time, begins. The carefully drawn portrayal of a journey through the history of classic fairytales is a visual delight for young and old alike!

Cinema Trafo 4 Wednesday, September 08, 2010 12:00h
Cinema Trafo 4 Friday, September 10, 2010 18:30h Yikes – sold out already!
Cinema Trafo 5 Sunday, September 12, 2010 15:30h

Piercing I / 74'  

Cinema Orient: We 20:45h, Cinema Trafo 5: Th 22:45h, Cinema Trafo 4: Sa 18:30h / ages 16 and up

Piercing I / 74'

Liu Jian

CN 2009 | Chin/e

In his first animated feature film, Liu Jian tells the story of a Chinese youth who is wrongfully accused of a crime and loses his job. “Piercing I” is an impressive portrayal of the current social conditions in China. Criticism and distaste for a society in which discrimination, violence and corruption are the norm and in which the lives of the disadvantaged are desperate, are concealed behind unembellished aesthetics and black humour. A remarkable contemporary document.

Cinema Orient Wednesday, September 08, 2010 20:45h Yikes – sold out already!
Cinema Trafo 5 Thursday, September 09, 2010 22:45h
Cinema Trafo 4 Saturday, September 11, 2010 18:30h Yikes – sold out already!