Looking for new talent!

Fantoche continuously develops projects which are aimed at practical collaborations with students from college and which provide new sources of inspiration.

Sponsorship trailer for Lucerne College
Rendering sponsorship animations has already become a fixture on the curriculum at Lucerne College of Design and Art. Every year, students in the Animation Department are given the task of creating short animated trailers based on sponsorship posters which have been created for Fantoche by selected illustrators. They are used for representation and publicity purposes for our main partners and are screened in all the festival cinemas throughout the six days of Fantoche.

Fantoche computer games designed by Zurich College of Art
We have had strong links with the Game Design Department from Zurich College of Art for the past two years. For the second time, students from the 4th semester of the course have been working on a project to create computer games specifically for Fantoche. The starting point for Fantoche 2009 were the characteristic visual graphics from the previous Fantoche festivals. The results were shown under the title “Spielerei” (Playing Around) at an exhibition designed by the students, who were also on hand at the festival to give guided tours of the exhibition and to lend a hand as people tried the games out. They are designing computer games on the theme of “Fairytales” for Fantoche 2010.


Oculus - Mario von Rickenbach
CH 2009